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About us: 

Dear breeders,

In turbulent times, it is often the simple things that give you a feeling of security and safety. In any case, hobbies, professions or vocations that you are passionate about are also among those activities that can be beneficial for the body and, above all, for the mind.

Quite a few people reading these lines feel, think and act in this way when it comes to horse breeding. Together with you, we would like to continue along this path and, with our portfolio and all the associated services, we have hopefully also cultivated the field for you in the best possible way. We still have fond memories of the strong performances of our stallions' offspring at the licensing events of recent weeks.

It fills us with joy that so many of them received the coveted licensing stamp and many of them were even awarded prizes. It is therefore fitting that the lot of new arrivals at our station includes five such premium stallions. With Baggio, Dancier Gold FRH, Diamond First and Galaxy, they are all sired by stallions from our station, all of whom are on the right sporting track for their age and whose valuable sons are a welcome support and valuable addition to our breeding program. 

We are convinced of the performance genetics of these stallions from both a sporting and breeding point of view, which of course has to go hand in hand these days. The year 2023 was also a year of particular sporting success. First and foremost, Hickstead White under Jörne Sprehe made the leap into the top echelons of world show jumping. The pair galloped and flew successfully through the world's most famous arenas in Aachen, Hickstead, Barcelona, Sopot and Spruce Meadows. The highlight of the pair's career to date was their victory in the Grand Prix of the CSI*** in Linz in autumn 2023, which is why Hickstead White was recently named VTV Stallion of the Year by the Oldenburg Verband.

The children of Stakkato Gold also continued their series of successes in 2023. The triumph of Stargold and Marcus Ehning in the Grand Prix of Aachen as a highlight is emblematic of many other successes of the children of Stakkato Gold, who is without exaggeration one of the best show jumping sires of his time.


Albert Sprehe